Welcome to Copenhagen!

So – you just arrived. And maybe you intend to stay for a while. It could be 3 weeks, 3 months, maybe a year or two. Maybe you’ll never leave. This tour offers a crash course on Copenhagen. We take on the neighbourhoods and give you some one-on-one advice about the city. We travel by bike, by foot and maybe we do a quick train ride to let you in on the secrets behind an easy commute. This is not the tour where you see a lot of attractions, but works as a tutorial which will give you an advantage when moving around on your own. We look at maps, point out the hot spots for restaurants, coffee and bars, shopping and activity centres. During the tour, you can ask all the how-to and where-to questions you may have. The guide is there for you and can answer a LOT of questions regarding living in Copenhagen.   

Distance: 25 km (13 miles)

Level: Advanced

Time: 3,5 hours

Map ticker tour

Some of you may only have a few hours, and you just want to get your Instagram shots from Copenhagen. By taking our bike tour instead of a bus, you have certain advantages. Biking in the city is a unique experience in itself and allows you to make the stops you like, take the photos you want, see the main attractions and return to your friends with some memories apart from the conference room, the auditorium or the restaurant. Bring your fast legs, your selfie stick and your trigger finger and we’ll take you

to the most noteworthy statues, landmarks and views of Copenhagen in just a couple of hours.

Distance: 15-20 km (13 miles)

Level: Intermediate

Time: 2 hours

The Stroll

The perfect program for a sunny Sunday afternoon! This will definitely cure any hangover and bring down your blood pressure. This tour (which only runs on sunny days), is where you decelerate and take the easy ride through the streets after a few days of full-blown city madness. We start from the city centre and head out to find greenery and laid back parks and calmness. Sunglasses and effortless riding are essentials during  this tour. We rest in a few parks, tell a few stories, watch the people and smile about life. During the trip we let you absorb the vibes of the streets and guide you carefully to some of the backyard retreats where locals hang out during the summer. Finally we end up at a beach bar where you can enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Take the stroll to wind up the perfect half-week city escape.  (Photo by Karen Vikke)

Distance:  18 km (11 miles)

Level: Easy

Time: 3 hours

Bike lanes and bridges

This popular tour quickly became a classic during the opening season in 2015. It remains on the program in a slightly updated version. Since the dawn of the public commute, getting around the city on your bike has been on the agenda. It is key to a faster, healthier, and stress-free infrastructure and has become essential in the struggle to maintain the dynamic connection of the city’s expanding neighbourhoods. On this tour we discover why Copenhagen is a haven for cyclists and give you all the tips and tricks to get quickly and safely through the city. Safety becomes even more essential as we also find the best spots to pick up some speed and feel the wind while learning the fastest way from A-B using the designated tracks.


(Photo by Karen Vikke)

Distance: 25 km (16 miles)

Level:  Intermediate

Time: 3 hours

About the tours

All the pre-defined tours are subject to variation. The city of Copenhagen is dynamic, which means that we must go where the action is. Regardless of the tour, we pass by the the latest hotspots along the route, showing what is relevant for you. We take the season, the latest trends and on-going events into consideration. Our highest priority is to give all customers a unique experience, leading by example. We take you to the streets, alleys, bike paths, shops, bakeries, bars and eateries and show you "how-to-act-local"