Nice to know when biking in Copenhagen

Let others know where you're going

Communication is always important. When travelling through Copenhagen on a bike it is essential to let others know where you're going. We use signals for going left and right and stopping.

Control your speed

Don't go faster than you are able to stop if you have to. Traffic is unpredictable, and the bikes don't make the same appearance as cars do. This means kids and pedestrians might not notice you coming up close to the sidewalk.

Watch the designated stop lights

Many intersections are equipped with designated stop lights for cyclists. That allows you to focus on your own ride and keep you protected from heavy traffic.

Stay calm

You might feel invincible and encouraged to enter an unofficial race with a fellow commuter. Or you may catch some of the road rage, which is all too common in the highways during rush hour. Remember that hazardous driving will not bring you faster to your destination. Be calm, give way and take care about eachother.

Focus on the good vibes

When you get on your bike and start pedalling, there's not much to bring your mood down. You bring down the barriers which keep us separated and suddenly you are able to interact with your surroundings during transportation. We wish to promote good vibes.

Hence, at Urban Bike Tours, we put the good vibes in front and spread some wheely love in the bike lanes.

Local Copenhagen residents are generally abiding by the law. Pedestrians and car drivers rarely break the rules and crossing a red light will not bring positive attention. However, in the bike lanes, you'll have to bear in mind that these are often commuters. And where you are simply enjoying your ride with some friends, some are also late for a meeting, in a hurry to pick up their kids or blazing home for dinner. That is why mutual regard is key to a comfortable ride. We obey by the rules, and then some. We give way, we signal and we never jeopardize the safety of our co-commuters. That way we receive only good vibes and smiles

How it all began...

It began with travelling. Of course it did. The search for the unique experience and the sense that you are not just part of the tourist industry. The insider experience. The real experience. Where your friend knows the waiter, where your local business connection tells you what to look for, and the fact that someone cares about you and want to give you an individual experience. We care about the details and the small twists you only see if you know what to look for.

After travelling east and west, to Asia and the U.S., at some point it became evident that finding unspoiled ground, is now reserved for those with lots of time and lots of cash - Or Animal Planet employees. Within the reach of the average traveller remains the places where others have been before you, and the unique experience requires some research. A research which depends on the same litterature, internet and tv-programs as your neighbor watches.

Our best experiences have always come from establishing local contacts who took the time to show me around. And now that is what we want to pass on to you.