Booking & Prices

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Booking & Prices


You can book your tour by using the booking form on the right. Do not hesitate to add your personal message if you have some specific requirements.


Price policy: All tours are charged by the hour. The standard price is

300 DKK  / 40 EUR / 45 USD per hour


Maximum number of riders is 5.


 If you are a group of more than 5, a customized tour including some extra stops, optimized route and rally points is recommended. Also an extra guide could be added to ensure a safe and effortless ride for everyone.


The prices above  shall be considered guidelines. Before the tour, a fulll & fixed price will be agreed. If you would like a customized tour please send an

e-mail to

Deals and discounts


If you are staying in one of the following hotels, which all offer rental, you also get a 10% discount on your total tour price




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