What is included?


Every tour includes your personal city guide who will give all necessary instructions for safe riding in the city.


All riders are encouraged to wear a helmet, but it is not compulsory. Helmets are provided on request.


The content of the tour is based on your selected theme. During the trip you get information about the places we pass and useful tips on hot spots, restaurants, bars and the best shopping!


The maximum amout of riders for each tour is limited to 5. This is to give the best, personal experience and the opportunity to blend in with the locals.

About Urban Bike Tours




Urban Bike Tours started in 2015 and the key words are curiosity, exploring, relations and fun. So far only established in the city of  Copenhagen, but an  expansion might lie ahead if the feedback is positive.


Times and availability


On weekdays we mainly do tours in the afternoon,  but evening and early  morning can be arranged on request. In weekends, all times a day are available.




Many hotels offer rental bikes for free. Especially during the season. These are normally robust and well maintained all-round bikes.


Renting a bike in Copenhagen is cheap and easy and can be done at almost every corner. For recommendations please mention this when booking.


Choose your bikes carefully, but no need to search for high-end bikes. Control brakes, steering and saddle height. You should feel comfortable when heading our on the paths and roads in the city. Feel free to direct any questions or concerns to me prior to booking. Use the form or send an email directly.


Partnerships and cooperation


Urban Bike Tours is  an independent Copenhagen-based initiative. However we do have discount agreements and deals.


If you wish to cooperate or enter into partnership, please feel free to contact us.