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January 2020

Denmark is covered in grey, woolly skies. It's definitely not your preferred type of weather for urban exploring. But... Needless to say that research requires dedication. Even during off-season. I've been checking out new locations and bike trails all over the city in order to launch some new, cool features for the coming 2020-program.

I am already excited to reveal the new features to come, so if you're planning a trip to Copenhagen, send me a message to see if an Urban Bike Tour is for you.

For everyone who wants to see more of Copenhagen, Urban Bike Tours remains your personalized, individual, truly urban sightseeing on a bike. Check the tours, concept booking and prices for more information!


Welcome to Urban Bike Tours!

I'm pleased that you're here.

At Urban Bike Tours we care about biking and the urban environment. This is not your average tourist agency. I focus on the personal relation and customization, and listen carefully to your needs.

I'm proud to present Copenhagen from the inside.

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Why choose me?

Urban Bike Tours gives you the opportunity to discover the city of Copenhagen from a local perspective.

All the tours are tailored to your preferences respecting the bike culture. The guide is local and authenticity is guaranteed!

For tour inspiration, check out the tours tab. Anything is possible!

You are safe with me!

Urban Bike Tours value safety and comfort above all. It is important for the experience that you feel secure during the ride.

Biking in Copenhagen is wonderful. But for the rookie cyclist it can seem intimidating.You are provided with proper instructions before you are set free to explore on your own.

See more about cycling in Copenhagen here.