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October 17, 2016

Orange, brown, red and yellow. The leaves are falling from the Copenhagen trees and the temperatures are free falling. The streets and alleys are not necessarily providing the best conditions for riding you bike around the city, BUT... Watch the locals. They don't care. Getting from A-B by bike is essential, and no bad weather shall prevent that. So, are you coming to Copenhagen anytime soon, do like everyone else. Feel insecure? Let a local guide from UBT take care of things and take you safely around!


September 24, 2016

How about that Indian summer, huh? So many wonderful, warm September days and not least exciting urban experiences 'round the streets, paths and bridges in Copenhagen. The season is slowly ending, but tours will be available for another month or so. Furthermore....


Welcome to Urban Bike Tours!


We are glad that you're here.


At Urban Bike Tours we love biking and we love the urban environment. We are not your average tourist agency, and value close relations and customization.


We are proud to present Copenhagen from the inside.


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Why choose us?


Urban Bike Tours gives you the opportunity to discover the city of Copenhagen as the locals see it.


All the tours are tailored to your preferences and we focus on the personal relation over the commercial aspect. The guide is local and authenticity is guaranteed!


For more inspiration, see tours for more information. Anything is possible!


You are safe with us!


Urban Bike Tours value safety and comfort above all. It is important for the experience that you feel secure during the ride.


Biking in Copenhagen is wonderful. But for the rookie cyclist it can seem intimidating. We provide all necessary safety equipment and instructions before releasing you to explore on your own.


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